Facility Management

ES-AU Asset Management employs two main processes for asset maintenance: Preventive Maintenance and Breakdown Maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance:

  1. Customized approach using the Maintenance Manual to manage assets.
  2. The Maintenance Manual contains essential information for infrastructure and installation maintenance.
  3. ES-AU Asset Management automatically generates preventive maintenance activities based on registered data (activity type, frequency, equipment, spare parts, breakdowns, diagnostic checklists).
  4. Work orders are created, sent through workflow processes, and directed to appropriate personnel, both within and outside the organization.
  5. Scheduling criteria are flexible to accommodate operator needs.
  6. Checklists for scheduled maintenance can be defined and recorded.
  7. Anomalies can trigger automatic maintenance activities.
  8. Progress criteria and management actions are set for activity control.

Breakdown Maintenance:

  1. Managed through a workflow process:
  2. Signaling through various channels.
  3. Control by call center operators.
  4. Work orders are assigned to the right team or supplier based on the problem type and contracts.
  5. Planning, execution, and reporting of interventions (can be done via tablets or smartphones).
  6. Checklists for checks and measurements can be defined.
  7. Automatic start of activities based on anomaly detection.
  8. Criteria (SLA) for monitoring activity progress and initiating management actions are established.

Additional Features:

  1. Reports available for analysis, including maintenance statistics, SLA, and more.
  2. Dashboards for monitoring open breakdowns.
  3. Logistic management for tracking warehouse items and materials.
  4. Economic management includes budgeting, supplier management, purchase orders, and cost tracking.
  5. Energy and environment features for recording and analyzing energy consumption.
  6. IoT solutions integration with various device drivers and capabilities.
  7. GIS and BIM support for georeferencing assets, vector plans, and 3D BIM models.
  8. BIM Extensions for synchronization with 3D building design software.

Overall, ES-AU Asset Management offers a comprehensive system for managing asset maintenance, covering preventive and breakdown maintenance, logistics, economics, energy, IoT, GIS, and BIM support.

Asset Management

ES-AU Asset Management provides comprehensive management for buildings, installations, movable assets, and associated maintenance activities. Key features include:

Space & Asset Inventory:

  1. Detailed inventory of real estate assets, plants, components, and movable assets to understand their technical and functional characteristics.
  2. Management of various property and facility types, including housing complexes, buildings, floors, rooms, installations, technical assets, furniture, external infrastructure, and green areas.
  3. For each inventory item, it tracks essential information such as identification codes, technical specifications, functional details, administrative records, and documents.
  4. Objects can be visualized on geographic maps (e.g., OpenStreetMap), vector plans correlated with floors and rooms, or 3D models imported from BIM-compliant products via IFC files.

Support Services:

  1. ES-AU Asset Management offers support services for the initial setup of Property & Facility Management systems, including asset inventory, data normalization, data entry, and the importation of plans or BIM models.

In summary, ES-AU Asset Management enables organizations to efficiently manage their real estate assets and associated maintenance activities by providing detailed inventory and support services for Property & Facility Management systems.