Enterprise Systems AU - Fleet Automation Features for Improving Efficiencies

1. Forecasting 2. Wireless Fueling 3. Inventory ordering 4. Recurring reports

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Implementing fleet automation features can significantly enhance the efficiency of a fleet organization by freeing up time for other tasks, improving data integrity, and reducing manual effort in using the fleet management system.

Here are some ways to leverage automation in your organization:

  1. Forecasting: Automate job scheduling and notifications for mandatory inspections or routine maintenance based on vehicle-specific data, such as mileage updates. This eliminates guesswork and ensures timely maintenance tasks are performed.
  2. Wireless Fueling: Automate fueling operations to streamline processes. This includes simplifying vehicle credential entry, addressing issues like "0" readings at the meter, and automatically incorporating engine fault codes into maintenance work orders.
  3. Inventory Ordering: Utilize automatic reorder calculations for inventory management, considering factors like part importance, cost, purchase order creation overhead, and warehouse space. ES Fleet Management offers ways to estimate these values for each part and streamline the ordering process.
  4. Recurring Reports: Automate the scheduling and generation of recurring reports, saving time and ensuring consistent and reliable data. By setting up filters and email delivery, you can simplify report generation, reduce the risk of errors, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

By incorporating fleet automation features, fleet organizations can optimize operations, reduce manual errors, and maximize the utilization of their fleet management system. These automation capabilities enable efficient resource allocation, enhance data reliability, and contribute to overall operational effectiveness.

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