Data Points Your Telematics Captures

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Odometer Readings Preventive maintenance is crucial to any vehicle’s lifespan. Between the costs of paying for a regular maintenance routine and having to pay for a blown engine that was under maintenance, your costs can become significant.  ES provides accurate and timely capture of Engine Control Module (ECM) based mileage

Fleet Management: 5 Things to Consider

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Any organization that integrates vehicles for use within their business should strongly consider implementing a fleet management software solution. The purpose of fleet management software helps to provide the fleet manager the ability to comprehensively manage the following: Vehicle Acquisition Maintenance and Repair Fuel Management Parts and Inventory Budget and

IoT Development Trends

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Video Monitoring The current situation with video monitoring in GPS vehicle tracking is a bit obsolete. Especially when you compare it to stationary video monitoring and opportunities it can provide, such as face and object recognition. Technologies that deliver color images in darkness are becoming popular in the security industry.

Fleet Automation Features for Improving Efficiencies

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The automation of tasks and processes can greatly improve the efficiency of a fleet organization in ways such as freeing up a user’s time to complete other necessary tasks, enhancing the data integrity and confidence as a result of less human error when manually interacting with data and allowing for

Vehicle Tracking – Info

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Enterprise Systems AU Telematics provide GPS and sensor-based technology and information management. The Enterprise Systems AU Tracking solution for IOS / Android devices / In-Vehicle provides real-time and historical data, to locate, monitor and manage vehicles, people and assets. The tracking solution utilises 4G | LTE | Cat 1M NB-IoT | Satellite

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